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Download Records

Records can be downloaded from the WebOpac either:

  • Via the Download Selection or Download All options on the Search Results screen or Basket Display (any number of records); or
  • Via the Download Title option on the Catalogue Display screen (single record)

The file formats available for downloading are as follows:

  1. LABELLED FORMAT: For MARC or MAB records this format will list headings that have been defined by the Library. For non-MARC records it will use the standard headings normally displayed on the Catalogue Display screen.
  2. BIBLIOGRAPHIC FORMAT: Uses the Tag and Subfield numbers if a MARC or MAB record exists, otherwise the non-MARC standard headings will be used.
  3. RAK FORMAT: This will display the MAB RAK Format, or the Labelled Format for MARC or Non-MARC records. Holdings are also included in this Format.
  4. USER-DEFINED FORMAT: Your library may have setup a number of fields that can be selected for inclusion in the downloaded records.

Records can also be downloaded via Email (but note that they may not be styled correctly if viewed in Outlook 2007 as Microsoft has used the rendering engine of Word instead of the rendering engine of IE).

Note regarding Filenames used: LIBERO creates a filename that is a random selection of 15 numbers and characters followed by an underscore and the 3 characters designating the Format (bib, lab or rak), for example EODll268jWQ87kk_bib.dat. This type of filename is used so that it is always unique per enquiry/download. You do have the option when saving the download to disk to change the filename if required. Saved files can be viewed in any text editor, e.g. Notepad.

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