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A number of pages in WebOPAC have an Email this Page link in the footer area of the page. This allows you to email to yourself, or others, search results, record displays, Basket/Bibliography, your Member Statement etc. After clicking on the link, an Email form is displayed. Complete the details requested (From Name, From Address, To Name, To Address, E-Mail Subject) and click on the Send button. A message will display to confirm if the email has been sent successfully, or if it was not able to be sent. The page content will usually be included in the body of the email, unless the content is very long (e.g. some Member Statements), in which case the page will be sent as an attachment to the email. If the Search Results page or Catalogue Display page are emailed, the Title of the record is setup as a URL link so that the recipient of the email can link back to the record display in WebOPAC.

Note: If the emails are being viewed in Outlook 2007, the display will not be styled correctly. This is due to the fact that in Outlook 2007 Microsoft decided to use the rendering engine of Word instead of the rendering engine of IE. Consequently, Outlook 2007 does not interpret most of the stylesheet information.

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