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Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and Ratings is an optional feature available for WebOPAC, whereby Members can add their own Reviews to records and give the record a star Rating, and view Reviews and Ratings entered by other Members. Libraries can choose between allowing all Reviews and Ratings to automatically be accepted and immediately display in WebOPAC (with a link for the reporting of inappropriate Reviews), or choose to approve the Reviews before making them available to the public in WebOPAC (or declining them!). They can also choose the maximum number of Reviews to display for each catalogue record

If the Reviews and Ratings feature is enabled, a Reviews link will appear at the top of records on the Catalogue Display page. Click on this link to be taken to the Reviews section at the end of the record display. If there are no existing Reviews, a this item has not been rated message is displayed and a link is available to Add a Review and/or Rating. If there are existing Reviews, the current average star Rating will be shown, as well as a graphical display of the overall star Rating, and the number for each of the Rating levels. The Add a Review and/or Rating link is shown, but the Reviews and Ratings page can also be accessed by clicking on the stars graphic. The existing Reviews are shown in a table that includes:

  • Member
  • Date/Time
  • Rating
  • Comment - i.e. the comments as entered by the Member that has added the Review. If the Review has been edited since first being added, [ed] will also appear in this column. If the comment contains a sensored word, "BLEEP" will appear in its place.
  • Options -this column only displays if new Reviews are being automatically posted and it will include a link for the reporting of inappropriate reviews.

If Reviews exist, the star rating is also shown underneath the Title on the Search Results page. You can also access the Reviews and Rating entry page from here by clicking on the stars graphic if you wish to add your own Review. Members can edit their own Reviews in Member Services.

To add a Review and Rating

  1. Click on the Add a Review and/or Rating" link (or the stars graphic) and a new page will be displayed with the following fields for completion:
    • Member No
    • Password
    • Rating (select from 0 to 5)
    • Comment
  2. It is mandatory for the Member No and Password to be entered, as anonymous Reviews will not be accepted.
  3. When all details have been entered, click on the SUBMIT button. The Review will either be immediately made available in WebOPAC or will be added to the Approvals table for verification by library staff before being made available for WebOPAC.

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