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Extract3 Linguistic Analyser

Your library may have provided access to a 3rd-party product called Extract3 Cross Linguistic Analyser, which is used for the translation of search terms to/from other languages. The functionality of this option is detailed below:

  1. If the Extract Linguistic Analyser is enabled, the Simple Search and Advanced Search screens (for both the Standard and Alternative options) will display a Term Analyse image button, and an additional checkbox option called Term Analyse Search will also display on the search pages. Click on the icon to display the Analyse Terms screen. It is optional whether a search term is first entered on the Simple or Advanced Search screens - if one is entered, it will automatically transfer to the Analyse Terms screen, otherwise it can be entered on the Analyse Terms screen itself. If a term is brought across from the search screens, it can be changed on the Analyse Terms screen and the original term will be discarded.
  2. The Source Language selection will be picked up from the current language setting for WebOPAC. The Analyser will then try to match that code with a parameterised Source Language code. If a match is found, it will use that as the default. If a match is not found, it will then use the Source Language code that has been setup by the library as the default.
  3. All languages (except for the Source Language default if it has also been entered as a translation language) will be checked ON. The checkbox can be turned OFF for any of the languages if required.
  4. After the language selections have been made, and the search term entered (if it has not been transferred from the Simple or Advanced Search screens), click on the Analyse_Translate button. The translated terms will then display for all of the selected languages. In each language selection, you can either click on the Select/Unselect button to select (or unselect) all terms, or individually select (or unselect) terms.
  5. When all of the required terms have been selected, click on the Transfer button. This will transfer the terms to the Search Term field on the search screen and also switch on the Analyse Term Search checkbox (which is required to be ON to handle this type of search). There is a limit on the length of the string that can normally be entered in the Search Term fields, so the Transfer will only bring across the first 150 characters from the Analyse Term screen to the Search screens. However, the system does cache all of the terms the User has selected in the session, and will pass all those terms through for the actual search so that the correct search result is obtained.
  6. Then proceed with the search as normal - but DO NOT use the Browse Index function in conjunction with the Analyse Term function.

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