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If your Library has more than one Catalogue that has been made available for searching in WebOPAC, a Select Catalogue option will be on the menu. Click on this option to check the Catalogue currently selected for searching and/or switch to another Catalogue if required.

To switch to another database, select it from the Change Catalogue to dropdown box, then click on the Submit button. The default Search screen for the selected database will then display. The searching facilities will remain on this Catalogue until it is changed to another Catalogue OR until another login to WebOPAC is done OR until the timeout takes effect, at which time it will revert to the Catalogue that has been setup as the Default.

There may be databases that are only accessible via an authorised LIBERO User Name and Password. If you have such authority, you should login via the User Signon option. All databases that you are authorised to access will then be displayed in the Change Catalogue to dropdown box, as well as the general access catalogues available to everyone.

NOTE: Only "Item Reservations" (not "Title Reservations") are allowed in WebOpac for On Loan items in Databases other than the Default Database.

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