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Reservations in WebOPAC can either be Title Reservations or Item-specific Reservations. Both of these can be switched on/off by your library. Title Reservations can be made from either the Search Results page or from the record display on the Catalogue Display page. Item-specific Reservations can only be made from the Catalogue Display page. There are many parameters in LIBERO that govern whether a record is available for reservation or not, and whether a Member is able to place a reservation. It depends on the setup at your library as to what records and items are available for reservations, and if reservation charges apply (if charges are applicable, the details will be displayed prior to proceeding with the Reservation). There may also be different reservation permissions for items that are on Permanent Loan. You may be able to enter a Note for library staff and also nominate the Notification Method for advice about when the reserved material is available.

Title Reservations:

Title Reservations encompass all copies belonging to the record, and the reservation will usually be filled by the return of the first available copy. Title Reservations can be made:

  • Via the Reserve Title button underneath the Item Information section of the Catalogue Display screen
  • By selecting one or more Titles on the search results/hit list page then clicking on the Reserve Selections button
  • By selecting Titles from various search sets and adding them to the Basket. After selecting the View Basket option, you can then click on the Reserve Selections button

Regardless of where the Reserve button has been selected, you will then be taken to the Login Verification screen, where you need to enter your Member Code and Password to be able to proceed with the reservation request. After successful login, you can change the default Expiry Date for the reservation if required, and you may also be able to nominate the Branch at which you will pickup the reserved item/s (the default selection is your home Branch) if your library allows these facilities. Various messages will be displayed as the reservation request is processed. If your reservation request is not accepted, a message will be displayed to advise of the reason, e.g. you may have exceeded the maximum number of reservations allowed, or the material may not be allowed to be reserved, or you may have a Member Status that is not allowed to place reservations. Your library may also allow reservations on Titles without holdings (i.e. there may be on Order).

Item-specific Reservations:

The term Item-specific Reservations is used to describe reservations on specific copies. The reservation is placed on the selected copy only, and not on any other copies belonging to the same record. If this option has been enabled by your library a checkbox will be displayed in the Res column of the Item Information display next to those items that are available for reservation. Your library can also choose whether items that are marked as In Stock are available for an Item Specific Reservation. Click the checkboxes next to the item or items that you wish to reserve, then click on the Submit Reserves button (this button will only be visible if item reservations are allowed and if there are holdings on the record). This will take you to the Login Verification screen, where you need to enter your Member Code and Password to be able to proceed with the reservation request. You can then select the Pickup Branch where you wish to collect the item. A message will be displayed to advise if your reservation request has been accepted and, if not, the reason why it may have been rejected. The default Reservation Expiry Date for your Member Category will also be shown.

You can check the status of your Reservations on the display in Member Services.

NOTE: Only Item Reservations (not Title Reservations) are allowed in WebOpac for On Loan items in Databases other than the Default Database. Libraries also have the option of disallowing reservations on items that are In Stock. If you press your Browsers Refresh key after placing your Reservation, you may receive a message stating that there are no reservations selected to be processed. This is done to stop multiple reservations being placed on the one item via the Refresh key.

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