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New Member Sign Up

Your Library may allow you to self-register as a new Member via their WebOPAC. If so, a menu option (usually called Sign Up) will be displayed on the main menubar. Selecting this option will then take you to a Terms and Conditions page, which you will need to Accept before proceeding to complete your details. After completing the registration form and clicking on SUBMIT, you will then receive an email (if an email address has been provided) advising you of your Member Code and Password, which you can then start using for any functionality requiring Member Login, such as Reservations, Interlibrary Loan Requests etc. If, for any reason, the email cannot be sent or you have not entered an email address, a screen message will display advising you of your Member Code and Password. The Password will be displayed in the numeric format in which the Password must be entered on the Member Login screen, e.g. 150675

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