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Member Services

You must have a valid Member Code and Password to be able to access Member Services. In Member Services you can view details of your Member Record (including Items on Loan, Reserves, Holds, Stack Requests, ILL Requests etc.), view your previous borrowing history, manage RSS Feeds, manage New Title Notifications, place Bookings on Resources, edit Reviews and Ratings, change your Password and Self-Check PIN, view messages from the Library, view your Account status, send emails to Library staff, plus a number of other options.

Once you have logged in once as a valid Member, you can carry out other functions in WebOPAC without having to login again. The initial login does not have to be via the Member Services menu link. The single login covers Title and Item Reservations, Stack and Journal Requests, adding a Review/Rating, bookmarking a record etc. Once you have logged in successfully, a Member Logout link will appear underneath the Member Services menu point. This should be used to logout as a Member - it does not log you out of the WebOPAC itself.

You will be logged out of Member Services/Member functions once a timeout period of no activity has been reached. The timeout period is set by your Library.

NOTE: If you cannot access Member Services please contact library staff. If you are not yet a Member of the Library, there may be a New Registration or Sign Up option on the main menubar to allow you to register as a Member.

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