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Using WebOPAC

The LIBERO WebOPAC can be fully customised by your Library in regard to the look and feel, the menu options and links that are available, and the optional features that are enabled for use. This Help file contains information on most of the basic functions in the WebOPAC, but not all may have been activated by your Library.

NOTE: For WAI/W3C compliance, all entry fields contain a dot. When an entry field has "focus", the dot is automatically removed so that it does not affect what you enter. When using the Internet Explorer browser, focus is automatically put into the Search Term field (on whatever search page is setup as the starting point) and the dot is automatically removed. However the Firefox browser handles "onFocus" events differently and the "onFocus" event never fires unless that field looses focus, e.g. if you selected a different Index and then returned to the Search Term field the dot will then be automatically removed.

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